CAEN quantum Security is an innovative, dynamic and young company founded in 2012 providing a new and exciting opportunity for CAEN SpA with technology experts working in the area of IT Security since 2000.
CAEN qS designs, organizes and implements "state of the art" solutions for Information Security and assists organizations in managing and controlling the critical infrastructures for protection at the highest possible standard.
The decades of experience of the technical team offers an approach that is entirely capable of meeting the requirements of information security, the maintenance of the confidentiality of data and communications and the integrity and availability of business systems and applications.

CAEN qS operates independetly in the market, offering IT Auditing, Project Consulting and working as Managed Security Service Provider.

The company's focus is on ensuring that every choice made takes into consideration every relevant detail and that all decisions taken are done so on the basis of proven experience, competence and professionalism.

We are a strategic partner of reference in IT Security, Systems and Networking

"... It is not the need or the problem that leads to our choices, but it is the value we give to the projects and thei activities that makes customers confident in choosing and working with CAEN qS"