Executive Team

Roberto Periale adeptly and steadily steers CAEN quantum Security Technology and Innovation Team (R&I) toward the development of security solutions and methodologies that will help to solve industry related issues. Designs and manages the provision of managed services by the Security Operation Center located in the Turin headquarters.
Roberto is physics graduate at Turin University and spent more than 4 years at CERN, thanks to his personality he is an enthusiastic speaker at regional security events and he is a teacher for ISC².

Roberto Periale, Chief Technology Officer

Alberto uses his technical knowledge to lead his decision to develop threat intelligence solutions and methodologies for the challenging problems of the information network security industry. He consider control, monitoring, audit and incident response the milestones of the Network Security.
Alberto Lamarina is an Electronic and Computer science technician and a enthusiastic researcher in the areas of networking and distributed systems. With over 15 years of experience in the area of networking security solutions, monitoring and alerting and incident response.

Alberto Lamarina, Network Security Manager