New instruments and devices have redefined the company’s IT perimeter; the technological trend that has increased the organization’s productivity but at the same time has increased the risk of information loss and resulted in a change of the methods of control and protection systems.

In the age of mobility, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and BYOIT (Bring Your Own IT) systems allow users of companies and organizations to access and share information quickly and easily but simultaneously pose serious risks to the confidentiality and integrity of business IT assets. In addition, tablet and smart-phone devices introduce an additional attachment point to corporate networks becoming potential vehicles for malware and Trojans.

Our approach provides multi-layered protection:

  • Wireless architectures with high levels of security and protection
  • Systems of systems audits and wireless intrusion prevention
  • Secure integration between LAN and WLAN to increase control
  • Solutions of NAC evolved to endpoint enforcement
  • Access mode SSL VPN and IPSEC filter and control data flows
  • Systems of 2-factor authentication
  • Endpoint enforcement with advanced control of content: web and email check, data leak prevention, data encryption, firewalls and compliance check, antimalware and application control.