The CAEN qS Security Risk Assessment (SRA) is a service developed by certified professionals that aims at the assessment and analysis of IT risk; combines the two disciplines of Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Analysis in a single activity.

All of these activities allow companies to accurately determine the security level of the information infrastructure through an extremely in-depth analysis, documented by technical evidence and manual analysis and verification methods based on international standards.

Security Risk Assessment, thanks to the holistic approach of CAEN qS, is applied to all the different domains that define the methodologies for protecting corporate information and which allow the elimination of silos and barriers between the different areas of security by offering a “product “Concrete in the defense of infrastructure and company information.

The activities carried out also aim to analyze the ISMS (Information Security Management System) to assess the security of IT systems in order to detect any vulnerabilities and determine their level of exposure to risk, so that they are not exploited to cause damage to the company with the consequent compromise of the IT systems, networks and information contained therein.

In order to define the correct approach to risk assessment, analysis and possible countermeasures, the Assessment activity will be developed together with the client to direct it to evolve towards an organic and operational plan for protecting critical assets. In this way, CAEN qS adjusts the actions and tools in proportion to the importance of information and productivity, creating the right barrier to protection against numerous threats to ensure confidentiality and integrity.

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