CAEN qS Security Risk Assesment

The protection of enterprise data requires organizations to carry out a careful evaluation of the effectiveness of their defences against both internal and external threats and vulnerabilities. The systems and tools put in place by companies are not always able to respond to the changing threats and vulnerabilities ensuing from the exponential increase in software use and increasingly virtualization. Our approach is to evaluate in depth the real needs of the business, correlating them with the work processes in order to secure communications and applications by protecting them from cyber attacks.
processes in order to secure communications and applications by protecting them from cyber attacks. Through technical analysis and evaluation CAEN qS aims to validate the choices undertaken and to give companies confidence in their IT Security processes.

 CAEN qS activities are:

  • Evaluation and analysis of risks.
  • Definition of security strategies for the Information Technology systems.
  • Definition and design of security and monitoring solutions.
  • Evaluation of processes and security policies.
  • Analysis of the company.
  • Control Structures and ongoing monitoring.
  • Correlation of the information and the design and definition of escalation processes.
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing.
  • Wireless Security testing.
  • Analysis of the security of virtual environments

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Compliance Consulting

The need to meet regulatory compliance and international standards is a crucial step for companies and should be undertaken not simply as an obligation but with the aim of extracting the highest possible value from process and business controls. The continual management of compliance is not only a process of the IT Security teams, but a mechanism for companies to increase productivity.
The goal of CAEN qS staff is to allow customers to be confident in the control of those information flows related to information technology that affect business operations, working at every level to understand which information are important. Our approach helps companies understand and implement the right security controls to reduce the risk of the loss of corporate data and in order to evolve a coherent and precise management of their digital information business.

Our approach:

  • Gap assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Gap Remediation
  • Optimization of processes and resources

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